How we work: We help you to achieve outcomes and preserve relationships.

Resolve Advisors Pty Ltd was founded in 1996. We design processes for dispute resolution and group decision making.

We offer the expertise built on big firm experience, combined with the agility of boutique practice. We have provided effective solutions to over 1000 disputes.

Shirli Kirschner founded the business with the aim of creating a highly trained, dynamic and specialised team capable of responding to any type of dispute efficiently. Each member of the Resolve team has their own independent practice in mediation and dispute resolution. Resolve Advisors brings all these professionals together to provide the advantage of diverse and complementary experience in resolving complex problems.

All of our work is informed by solid theory and grounded in years of experience. On the basis of these tried and tested methods, we create flexible, customised solutions to provide you with insights into problem solving to respond in new ways.

Our methods are flexible and responsive. We have created tailored solutions to a broad field of business and personal problems and we have a proven track record of achieving quick and satisfying results for all parties.

Our Services: Mediation, Facilitation, Process Design & Training

Resolve Advisors is a full-suite dispute resolution provider. We offer services for all sizes of business. Read more about each service below.


Mediation is an informal process with a mediator trained in assisting participants to resolve disputes, without the mediator providing a view. The goal of mediation is for people to have a safe space and a skilled person to assist their negotiation. This can often result in a resolution.

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Facilitation is the science of running effective meetings and empowering smart group decisions to efficiently solve complex problems in a time-critical way. We have provided customised facilitation maps and structures to a very broad range of clients in almost very industry. These maps then allow our clients to reuse these methods for years to come.

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Process Design

Process design is all about enabling organisations to match disputes to processes and ensure effective resolution. Resolve Advisors can either manage an individual dispute for you and or build an ongoing resolution process to suit your needs.

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Training from experience

Our training programs specialize in small group workshops. We work with businesses, government organisations and NGOs to create capacity and skills. Our methodology is informed by experience in consulting and years of experience as practitioners. We are schooled in adult education principles and integrate technology where appropriate (no being back at high school). We run both custom in-house programs and public workshops.

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Our team: experts in dispute resolution services

We have a team of specialist consultants who provide expertise on major projects and are part of our training faculty. We also provide panels of dispute resolution practitioners to service projects and industries.