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Mediation is a process in which participants are assisted to identify issues, explore interests and float options to resolve a dispute with the support of a neutral third party. The aim is to make decisions about future actions and reach a mutually agreeable outcome.

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We live in a complex society in which groups with differing interests often have to work together to reach agreement and deliver projects. Facilitation is about the effective handling of group meetings, building consensus and creating structures that allow for effective agreement. It is a collaborative process in which a third party seeks to assist individuals and the various parties to discuss complex issues and constructively create options.

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Process design

Process design is a consultative process where we work with organisations to match disputes and processes to develop effective resolution. There are a number of applications but we can largely divide the process into three parts: process design and management of panels, dispute resolution mechanism design and execution, system evaluation and review.

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Resolve offers basic and advanced programs that can be customized to any industry. We specialise in small group workshops that include coaching and skills development. We also run in-house tailored programs.

Our key training modules are negotiation (tools & tips), advanced negotiation, facilitation and dispute resolution. These modules are delivered in an interactive format.

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